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Senior woman in a wheelchair and a woman

About Delight Transportation

Since 2011, Delight Transportation has proudly served your NEMT needs across the Twin Cities Metro area. Our dedicated drivers, trained and MN-DOT background-checked, ensure safe and convenient rides for medical and special events. With vehicles equipped for accessibility, including lifts and ramps, we cater to a variety of mobility requirements. Serving numerous counties, we accept Medicaid, private insurance, and other payment options to keep our community seamlessly connected.

Our Mission

At Delight Transportation, we are committed to bridging mobility challenges with safe, reliable, and compassionate transport solutions. Since 2011, our core has been serving the Twin Cities Metro community, ensuring everyone can attend medical appointments, special events, and more, regardless of their physical constraints.

Young man in a wheelchair with a woman

Our Vision

We envision a future where no individual in our community feels isolated due to mobility issues. Through continuous innovation, impeccable service, and accessible vehicles, we aim to be the preferred choice for NEMT, fostering a connected, inclusive, and empowered Twin Cities.